David Gonzalez

David Gonzalez

Mr. Gonzalez is a seasoned veteran of civil engineering and land development design with over 14 years of experience exclusively in the Austin metro area.  With CivilE, he acts as Senior Engineering Technician performing complex duties such as client liaison, permitting, material takeoff, cost estimating, right of way identification/negotiation, construction inspection, storm water layout, wastewater design and water distribution system modeling.  He is responsible for the construction document production.

Mr. Gonzalez is also skilled as a land planner, and is familiar with the complex requirements of site design within Austin and surrounding communities.  Combining his technical experience and artistic talents, he is able to construct complex and engaging exhibits using aerial photography and public GIS data.  His work has been featured in regional business trade publications.

Prior to entering the civil engineering field, Mr. Gonzalez was responsible for the design of fire protection and suppression systems for dozens of commercial, residential and institutional buildings in the Austin area.  He is familiar with NFPA and City of Austin requirements.

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