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CivilE has assembled a powerful team of experts versed in land development and infrastructure engineering.  We’re old hands at this, but retain a youthful vigor to complete your project.

CivilE’s philosophy is to remain small, lean and agile, allowing us to escape inefficiencies, large overhead and corporate bloat.  This allows us to provide our clients cost-competitive solutions without sacrificing quality.

The staff’s engineering and business training allow them to view a project from more than just the civil engineering perspective.  Engineering design is an important element of a successful project,  but CivilE goes the extra step in working with the client and other consultants to define project success in terms of aesthetics, marketability and earnings.

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  • Entitlement

    Adding Value…

    Evaluating the permitted and possible land use of your property, computing obtainable density, and assisting as your liaison for municipal staff negotiations. Securing the development permit you need.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Creating Clarity…

    Determining the development parameters that apply to your site. Determining such items as jurisdiction, available utilities, ordinance grandfathering, zoning, access, environmental encumbrances, drainage, soils, etc.

  • Zoning

    Getting the Best Use…

    Skillfully navigating the process to change existing zoning of your property to the desired use. Representing your property at zoning boards, commissions and public forums.

  • Platting

    Slicing it Up…

    Partnering with talented land surveyors to determine the how to sub-divide your property, establish easements and define the limits of right-of-way.

  • Site Layout

    Making it Fit…

    Planning your development with the assistance of a skilled engineer allows for you to set aside the proper space for items such as utilities, drainage conveyances, slopes, etc. helping you avoid costly redesign.

  • Site Development Plans

    Civil Design…

    Preparing clean, clear and concise construction drawings of your proposed development, whether it is residential, multi-family, commercial or light industrial.

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Phone: 512-402-6878

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