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CivilE has assembled a powerful team of experts versed in land development and infrastructure engineering.  We’re old hands at this, but retain a youthful vigor to complete your project.

CivilE’s philosophy is to remain small, lean and agile, allowing us to escape inefficiencies, large overhead and corporate bloat.  This allows us to provide our clients cost-competitive solutions without sacrificing quality.

The staff’s engineering and business training allow them to view a project from more than just the civil engineering perspective.  Engineering design is an important element of a successful project,  but CivilE goes the extra step in working with the client and other consultants to define project success in terms of aesthetics, marketability and earnings.

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  • Infrastructure

    Nuts and Bolts…

    To service your development, CivilE can design and secure permits for the construction of required infrastructure including, utilities, paving, drainage, grading and whole host of other civil design elements.

  • Roadway Design

    Blaze a Trail…

    Whether residential, collector, or arterial, CivilE can design new roadways compliant with the AASHTO geometric and design speed standards. Many jurisdictions in Central Texas allow alternate roadway sections intended to control vehicle speeds and to provide alternate means of transportation. CivilE has worked with various transportation agencies to design roadways that achieve these goals while maintaining safe travel for users.

  • Lot Layout

    Defining Density…

    Utilizing state-of-the-art design software, CivilE can rapidly assist with maximizing the lot yield of your property and ensuring that you have the right assortment of product desired by homebuilders.

  • Easement Dedication

    Setting it Aside …

    With many years of expertise, CivilE can determine where to best place easements on your property whether for utilities, roadways or other improvements. Assistance can also be provided for abandonment and relocation.

  • Grading

    Shaping the Land…

    Minimizing retaining walls and establishing a balanced site are crucial to achieving the economics to begin with a development project. CivilE’s many years of experience paired with the use of automated grading software allow for efficient design and analysis.

  • Variances

    An Exception…

    Sometimes, exceptions to conflicting ordinance requirements must be obtained. Familiarity with the development ordinances of several municipalities in Central Texas allows CivilE to assist in preparing variance requests, findings of fact and staff negotiations.

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