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CivilE has assembled a powerful team of experts versed in land development and infrastructure engineering.  We’re old hands at this, but retain a youthful vigor to complete your project.

CivilE’s philosophy is to remain small, lean and agile, allowing us to escape inefficiencies, large overhead and corporate bloat.  This allows us to provide our clients cost-competitive solutions without sacrificing quality.

The staff’s engineering and business training allow them to view a project from more than just the civil engineering perspective.  Engineering design is an important element of a successful project,  but CivilE goes the extra step in working with the client and other consultants to define project success in terms of aesthetics, marketability and earnings.

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  • Service Extension Requests

    Getting Service...

    Assisting landowners by extending City water or wastewater utility service. Identifying required infrastructure improvements and to determining a preliminary cost of infrastructure for proposed development.

  • Construction Plan Production

    Get in Line…

    Production of construction plans of utilities including water, wastewater, storm drain, dry utilities, force mains and irrigation.

  • Wastewater Capacity Analysis

    It Flows Downhill …

    Sewershed analysis including available grade and proposed load from future buildings. Wet and Dry weather analysis, material selection, lift station and force main sizing.

  • Fire Flow Analysis

    Under Pressure…

    Evaluating the pressure and demand of the existing and proposed water system to determine line sizing, water tower needs, pressure reduction requirements and firefighting capacity.

  • Storm Drain Design

    Floating Away…

    Design of public and private storm drain systems. Hydraulic capacity analysis and supporting calculations. Efficient computational systems to minimize the design size (cost). Rapid production of supporting construction documents.

  • Detention Ponds

    Hold It Back…

    Design of ponds to mitigate developed stormwater runoff to existing conditions. Ensuring that your development causes no adverse flooding impacts downstream.

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