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CivilE has assembled a powerful team of experts versed in land development and infrastructure engineering.  We’re old hands at this, but retain a youthful vigor to complete your project.

CivilE’s philosophy is to remain small, lean and agile, allowing us to escape inefficiencies, large overhead and corporate bloat.  This allows us to provide our clients cost-competitive solutions without sacrificing quality.

The staff’s engineering and business training allow them to view a project from more than just the civil engineering perspective.  Engineering design is an important element of a successful project,  but CivilE goes the extra step in working with the client and other consultants to define project success in terms of aesthetics, marketability and earnings.

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  • Edwards Aquifer Plans

    Protect the Aquifer…

    Regulated activity within the Edwards Aquifer zones require applications and permitting through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). CivilE can prepare and process applications such as Water Pollution Abatement Plans (WPAP), Contributing Zone Plans (CZP), or Organized Sewage Collection System (OSCS) Plans through TCEQ to ensure regulatory compliance and proper management of natural resources in the Edwards Aquifer region.

  • Storm Water Treatment

    Conserve and Serve…

    Designing solutions to treat pollutant-laden runoff and to conserve precious rainfall. Implementing use of ‘traditional’ methods such as sedimentation/filtration ponds or retention/irrigation systems, as well as newer methods such as biofiltration, rain gardens, vegetative treatment, and rainwater harvesting.

  • Stream Bank Stabilization

    Hold the Line…

    Many naturally preserved streams are experiencing significant erosion exacerbated by urbanization. CivilE can design both hard (gabions, concrete structures, walls) and soft (vegetative) solutions for your endangered stream banks.

  • Temporary/ Permanent controls

    Cleaning Up …

    Eliminating and controlling sediment laden runoff both during and after construction is crucial to protecting this region’s water ways and water supply. CivilE can assist with preparing erosion control plans and conforming to the regions local rules (such as the Highland Lakes Watershed Ordinance).


    Have a Plan…

    Construction projects disturbing one acre or more are required to apply for an NPDES/SDS Construction Stormwater permit through TCEQ. The storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) includes a description of all construction activity, temporary and permanent erosion and sediment control BMPs, permanent stormwater management, and other pollution prevention techniques to be implemented throughout the life of the construction project.

  • Scour / Shear Analysis

    Know the Force…

    Through a scour and shear force analysis, creeks, channel, rivers and swales can be appropriately fortified through either the addition of vegetative (grass, plantings) , synthetic (turf reinforcement mats) or hard armoring (gabions, concrete structures).

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